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I’m not here to act like Ivy Mint Co. is the ONLY digital source but we do have some dope designs! From tumbler wraps for the crafter to downloads for the travel agent and everything in between, Ivy Mint Co. has what you need!

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What do I do with my creations?
In the world of crafting, sublimation is a versatile technique that allows you to transfer digital designs onto various surfaces with vibrant and long-lasting results. Here are some inspiring ideas for crafters to make the most of their AI digital cr...
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The Point of it All
Unleash Your Creative Potential with Ivy Mint Co.: Your One-Stop Shop for Sublimation Tumbler Wraps, Chat GPT-4 Prompts, and Exclusive Business GuidesWelcome to Ivy Mint Co., where creativity meets innovation! We’re thrilled to offer our customers a ...
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About Lil Ol’ Me

I wear many hats, proudly. After making a pretty penny on my shirts and tumblers, with my own designs, I’ve decided to sell them! Why not? I believe in collaboration or competition, and I want to see us all win!